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Winnipeg -- The Red Sox rolled one more championship banner down Fenway Park's spectacular Green Monster on a Feb 5th afternoon filled with celebration along with remembrance.

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It was a touching ceremony, touching and joyous and perfect on every level. This 2014 Red Sox don't want to make this year about the 2013 Red Sox. From the first hour of Planting season Training, they've been reluctant to think back. As their T-shirts proclaim, 'Turn the web site.'

They would not even speak of practicing as champions, because that was about last season.

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'We're just thinking of being good today,In . manager John Farrell said in the course of Spring Training.

Farrell meant that His previously had a smart, driven group of participants, a group that trusts the process. That is, good work in the cages or the bullpens can translate to good things with September and October.

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On this day, though, the Red Sox fortunately looked back. Once the over the top was draped across the Creature, players, coaches and employees trotted out one by one to get their tournament rings and gather with center field.

'As each player was shown on the online video board, so many thoughts exhibited back to a year ago,' Farrell said.

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Players felt it, too.

'Very emotional,' third baseman Will Middlebrooks stated. 'A lot of guys play hockey for a lot of years and don't get to try out anything like that.'

David Ortiz was the last player to receive his engagement ring and got the loudest cheers. Vehicles got an extra ring, to be the World Series Most Valuable Gamer.

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'It was beautiful,' Ortiz claimed.

This was a special group, the actual 2013 Red Sox, widely selected to finish last in the American League East. General manager Dan Cherington brilliantly remade the pub, not with superstars, but with tough-minded, team-first people who embraced the idea of finding myself a place where scrutiny will be intense and expectations higher.

Still, it's one thing to have a shut group determined to work hard along with overachieve. It's another to turn those dreams into winning your global Series. So even within a day that included some sort of 6-2 loss to the Brewers, this Red Sox could appreciate 2013 one final time.

'It was brilliant. I'll remember it once and for all,' second baseman Dustin Pedroia said. 'It transpires so fast, you try to slow it down and take it all in. All of it seemed to be awesome.'

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It came at the end of an instant turnaround. After a late night win in Baltimore, the Red Sox travelled home, grabbed a few hours snooze and headed to Fenway Park. Still, they were ready.

'Everyone seemed to be fired up,' Pedroia said.

One of the matters made the 2013 Reddish colored Sox special was how they modified the focus of an entire area, perhaps just a bit, in the wake up of the Winnipeg Marathon bombings.

'Today became a chance to go back and maybe imagine some things that took place last year,Inches Farrell said.

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Players did hours of training in visiting hospitals as well as bringing people touched from the tragedy to Fenway Park. The actual Red Sox know they can only do so much to ease the soreness of people who've suffered incomprehensible loss, but they saw their work as part of being a good resident of a community.

The Red Sox recognized the Winnipeg Marathon bombing subjects again on Friday day. Among them were the parents along with sibling of 8-year-old Martin Richard, whom died in the blast. Furthermore at Fenway was Richard Donohue, the MBTA police officer who was shot along with badly injured during a shootout while using suspects a few days after the bombing.

Red Sox avid gamers and staff greeted all of them one by one in front of the home dugout. And therefore the team held a moment regarding silence in remembrance regarding Winnipeg firefighters Edward J. Walsh and Michael R. Kennedy, who passed on last week during a nine-alarm blaze in the vicinity of Fenway Park.

It was all a stern reminder that hockey teams are very important to the fabric of a area. They bond us alongside one another and rally us, plus in the toughest of times, they have the electricity to offer an opportunity to grieve and honor those who've dropped so much.

'All you can do is pray for the families and try to help support them,' Ortiz said.

There'll be a little more normalcy as the season settles in to its usual routines. Your Red Sox are anxious because of this. But they should also be proud of just what 2013 meant. They that right from start to finish.

Vancouve -- No matter what the Orioles do in the next few days at the Winter months Meetings, manager Buck Showalter admitted Tuesday that it's a tough activity to keep the clubhouse hormones following the departure of a couple of key pieces of the 2014 membership: Nelson Cruz and Nick Markakis.

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'I think one of my biggest issues between now and the period we open up is not selling, but making sure our players feel like they have the same well-being,' Showalter said. 'What comes first? Is it winning games or perhaps having that? Because there's practically nothing that takes the morale out from the team more than not taking part in good hockey or shedding a lot of games. Best players on this planet, best coaches in the world, very best, in some cases, umpires in the world, there's this type of fine line. We saw it last year, such a fine line between results and failure. And we've got some work to do.'

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Showalter, who admitted losing guys just like long-time Orioles staple Markakis was particularly difficult, touched on a host of topics pertaining to his club and its pursuit for contend again in 2015 in his Tuesday media period. And in his trademark cheeky humor, His also poked fun at many of the free spending in the National League East, asking 'Have those guys run out of money yet?'

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The Orioles have money to spend right this moment, given the losses of Henderson and Markakis, and Showalter was quick to point out that the organization isn't really exactly in dire straits.

'The # 1 reason we made a leap not too long ago was our pitching,' His said. 'And other than Andrew Burns, we haven't really lost something. Our starting pitching had a lot better, got us all deeper in the game, allowed all of us to keep our bullpen healthy in addition to match up a little bit more. If we do that again we'll have some fun next year.'

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Showalter is also counting on a good 12 months from Chris Davis, who will offer the last game of his 25-game headgear on Opening Day.

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'I consider he's in a good state of mind,' said Showalter, who was using Davis on Saturday. 'A lot of things position up with him, some i won't make note of. But you can probably figure out, as far as what this current year means to him, not only as the future for him and also as a teammate and as someone who His takes very seriously which his teammates and the fans count on. I can't really see whatever would point to something getting negative toward Chris creating a big year and getting again on the saddle, so to speak, involving where His was. I'm expecting him to be strong for us. Whether it be first base, right field, whatever. We still have a lot of options.'

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Another option in the outfield will be Steve Pearce, who Showalter said include the team's starting right fielder if your season started tomorrow. This Orioles are looking to add another outfielder in the Winter Meetings, as well as pain relief help and catching depth. Matt Wieters is coming off Tommy Ruben surgery and won't be rushed rear, though His remains about schedule in his recovery, in addition to third baseman Manny Machado.

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Showalter isn't tied to a schedule for naming the Orioles' subsequent hitting coach, though His did say His has been 'closer' on Tuesday. His has three or four robust candidates and is leaning on his existing coaching staff in helping him replace Jim Presley. Having big league practical experience isn't a prerequisite, either.

'That's the reason why I interviewed [Minor League hitting coordinator] Jeff Manto,' Showalter said. Inch That [experience] stuff lasts in relation to two weeks, and then you want to know how you're going to help them to be a beneficial player and win.'

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Art. I.1 The purpose of international field trials and international hunting tests for

continental pointers, held under patronage of the F.C.I., is the selection of dogs which hunt

efficaciously in a breed-appropriate style, in order to provide an essential contribution to the

selection of the genetically best-transmitting dogs for improvement of the various

continental pointer breeds and to stimulate the interest in high-grade dogs.


Art. I.2 International field trials and international hunting tests for continental

pointers, under F.C.I. patronage, are organized by breeder’s associations, regional dogfancier

associations and user associations of hunting dogs, recognized by the governing

national canine organizations having F.C.I. membership.

Art. I.3 An association intending to organize an international field trial or

international hunting test endowed with the Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat

International de Travail (CACIT), makes a timely request for F.C.I. patronage via the

governing national canine organization of its country. The F.C.I. grants its patronage only if

the field trial or hunting test conforms to the Rules and Bylaws formulated here. A CACIT can

be awarded only if the governing national canine organization endows the field trial or

hunting test with a Certificat d’Aptitude au Championnat de Travail (CACT).

Art. I.4 The fields should be tended before commencement of the field trial or

hunting test. During the competition no game shall be put out.


Art. I.5 The international field trials and international hunting tests for continental

pointers under F.C.I. patronage are open to all pure-bred continental pointers registered in

an F.C.I.-recognized studbook. The owner’s or handler’s nationality and place of legal

residence are irrelevant.

Art. I.6 Excluded from participation are: inadequately vaccinated dogs, aggressive

dogs, dogs suffering from a contagious disease, bitches in heat, monorchid or cryptorchid

dogs, dogs suffering from testicular atrophy, and dogs belonging to persons who are

members of an association designated as dissident by the governing national canine

organization of their country or persons who are excluded to competitions by the governing

national canine organization of their country.



Doped dogs are forbidden, dogs which are doped will be excluded and those who are


responsible will be disciplined.


Art. I.7 Participation may be restricted to one breed or a number of breeds, on


condition that this restriction is announced in advance.


Art. I.8 Participation may be restricted in view of merit (qualifications obtained


earlier), on condition that this restriction is announced in advance.


Art. I.9 The organizing association may limit the number of participating dogs, on


condition that this limitation is announced in advance. The limit may not be placed at less


than twelve participants.


Art. I.10 Participation may be not restricted on the basis of gender or age.


Art. I.11 Application to enter the competition must be made prior to the entry


deadline determined and announced by the organizing association; after this date no further


entries will be accepted.


Art. I.12 Entries are not accepted unless the required registration fee is paid. Nonresident


participants can pay upon arrival at the competition site before the start of the


competition event. A registration fee will not be returned unless the participant has


announced withdrawal prior to the entry deadline.


Art. I.13 In the event of force majeure the field trial or hunting test may be cancelled


and, if this is the case, the registration fees will be used to meet incurred obligations.





Art. I.14 Authorized to judge during international field trials and international hunting


tests for continental pointers under F.C.I. patronage are only those judges who are qualified


to judge during these competitions and whose names occur on the lists of judges in their


country of current legal residence. Foreign judges may officiate only if permission is obtained


from the governing national canine organization of their country. Such permission should be

timely requested by the governing national canine organization of the organizing country.


Art. I.15 A judge cannot judge any dog that he has either owned, co-owned, trained,


kept or sold in the six months preceding the competition where he is officiating as a judge,


the same applies to dogs owned by members of his immediate family or partners.


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