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English Pointer

Group 7 : Pointing Dogs

  • Section 2 : British and Irish Pointers and Setters


The Pointer traces back from 300 years of English history. It is used to catch rabbits and birds. It should be athletic and graceful. The immediate impression should be of a compact, hard-driving hunting dog, alert and "ready to let go." The primary distinguishing features of this breed are the head, feet, and tail. Hound or terrier characteristics are undesirable for show purposes..


Grooming an English Pointer is not time-consuming. The coat is very short and needs only a quick rub with a soft brush to minimise shedding.



Pointer Working standard

All his qualities should serve one purpose: passionate, stylish seek and find game.

The ease and elegance of the movements give it the go swing, consistently high pace and directness. The neck should rise significantly over the powerful shoulder.


The head is above the back line, the line of the muzzle is slightly raised. He carefully looks into the area to efficiently search her, realizing his passion for hunting. His forelegs should be thrown as far as possible forward in search of support. The roll they rise horizontal ground, thereby ensuring the widest jump. Movement should be broad, light and harmonious. Seen from the side visible rippling torso, but the line of the back is straight and taut. Only croup bent downward and is compressed like a spring, while the hind legs are carried powerful jerk forward.


Rod continues the line of the back, never rises above it, and can not during the course of the straight ripple from top to bottom.


Focused on the wind, it is the search for wide parallel (depending on the nature of the terrain).


Under ideal conditions, taking the smell, he abruptly stops searching to quickly, decisively and authoritatively to go down the drain, ending its movement sudden sharp counter as if he ran into an invisible barrier. Response to tack the smell must be sudden, demonstrating force. So, stopping abruptly and suddenly, he stands high as a statue, his neck stretched out, his head in the course of or above the line of the back, the muzzle is on the level of ground or bullied, nostrils dilated, his eyes burning, his ears most elevated, muscles tense and stand out, often it is, having turned down his front paw, or far back. It is, therefore, frozen with a look of absolute certainty. If the prey tries to escape, he points to it, rising even higher on the legs, lifting the face, trying not to lose the smell. However, in the event of a catastrophic collision with the smell of any other rack can be allowed, provided that the muzzle is raised high enough on the direction of the game. In all other cases, recumbent desk would not allow him to receive an "excellent".


Liner his greedy, strong and powerful, can also be produced by successive bursts, interspersed with short suspensions, typical of the breed. When pointing to another dog rack must be as confident (even though it may not be so hard), if the dog suddenly sees another dog, he was standing at the front, not far away from you; if the dogs are far away from each other, the rack can be preceded by a short pull by.

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